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As a luxury hotel or resort operator, you only get one chance to be great in the eyes of your guests. Once their stay is over, you have either won or lost their future visits and positive recommendations based on the quality of their overall experience.

REPEAT guests are the marque of excellence to strive for within the hospitality industry, and they are the easiest occupancy delivery tool. However, achieving this means that you need to offer a truly special guest experience. Special is in the DETAILS.

Resort Report grades your property on the details that can ensure it lives up to its five-star status.

The mark of a fine property that rates highest consistently in overall reputation is unparalleled service, cleanliness and dedication to ensuring that every guest leaves happy. In most cases, the details ARE the difference that is overlooked, missing or not even on the radar of hotel management as they deal with their day to day issues.

Hotels don’t have a Chief Experience Officer or Property Enhancement Officer, and the days of relying on a brand to carry the experience is gone. Today, the failure or success of hotels is determined by how they are represented through social media, and a guest’s choice of hotel can be swayed by a single bad review. Basically, it's world wide, instantaneous, electronic word of mouth, it either works for you or against you.

Resort Report will provide your property with the tools necessary to stay ahead of the curve and in front of the competition.

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