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Resort Report was designed as a much needed service tool and revenue booster for the High End Resort/Hospitality industry and management. Interviews have been done with Resort and Luxury Hotel General Managers who agree R R is a much needed service. The services offered are similar to a mystery shopper who emulates a high end guest profile to the specific resort "target guest".

You just cannot believe all the negative issues/experiences that go unattended to at top tier hotel properties. The larger the property, the more issues are found. The result is negative guest experiences,negative TA/social media reviews which equates to lost bookings and lost repeat opportunities. The revenue loss is huge when this is really calculated. As a luxury resort or hotel you really only have ONE CHANCE to provide the guest the ultimate experience to make your grade and achieve repeat stays, referrals and positive reviews. Thats it.. Once. If you don't provide OUTSTANDING service and the resort has not thought of everything..the experience will be just that.. Not Outstanding.

When a Resort Reporter stays at your resort just like any other guest. We’ll provide you with a comprehensive report explaining any problem areas we find that could be contributing to poor reviews, low ratings or a reduced occupancy level.

Resort Report offers specific and customized service options and levels in addition to the following basic services:

Tailored Service

Customization and Personalization, these are often the buzz words for Luxury Travel. Since luxury travel has lost some of its cach'e discerning clients or guests are now looking for genuine personal touches to make their journey or lodging SPECIAL. Special is in the Details of fine tailored service. This is Resort Report's goal and mission to create.

Branded Destinations

It's no secret that the line between Luxury brands and Luxury destinations have become truly blurred these days. Premium Marques have become associated within luxury hotels with names such as Versace, Missoni, Bulgari, Armani and Nobu that are already in the upscale hospitality sector. Highly detailed service level is a "must" to go with the dollars hospitality operators are spending on facilities. This training and discipline is what Resort Report services are all about.

Resort Report, will identify the problem areas, rate them as to importance and urgency, explain the fix needed, and implement the fix if required. A very critical "Details" tune up.

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